What challenges do have to face by the designer ?

The motive of the update was to decline the search engine rankings of websites that breach Google Webmaster’s Guidelines by employing black hat SEO techniques. It has also affected 3% of queries in languages like Chinese, Arabic and German. This update was like a wakeup call to all the online marketers and the webmasters to prod them to follow the guidelines of Google’s search engine. It discouraged black hat SEO techniques and encouraged quality SEO services.

It has become a cause of concern for every online marketers that how to rank in Google following Penguin update. If you are brooding how to rank your website, there is a way. Foremost, you have to stop worrying about linking as much and focus on extensive content. Always make an effort to add high quality content, this will assure you a positive result. You also have to keep patience because it takes time for a new content to get ranked and indexed on Google.

Many big and small companies were affected by the Google algorithm changes. The update has left many businesses down who were following unethical strategy of SEO. They business owners are still scrambling to maintain or regain rankings on search results. But is it the end of the process? No, eCommerce Website Development you are overlooking the most important aspect and that is usability testing. This is a crucial component of any web design project. Usability testing helps you to collect feedback from your website users.

In order to get the best result, you should choose users who will not give you biased review. Don’t ask your employees, colleagues, family or friends to perform the test. At Smart SEO Web Solutions, we run your online sales campaigns and bring potential customers straight to your website with zero hassle for you. We make the most of the internet and what it has to offer so you don’t have to. Most small business owners are busy taking care of their business and lack the time and expertise to run an effective internet promotion, but our business is promoting your business. If your current internet marketing strategy is not providing the results you want, don’t wait.